Replica Rado Sintra Barrel High-Tech Ceramic Watch


Many people are wondering why ceramic watches are so popular? As everyone knows, the texture of ceramic has its own unique attributes, which are more portable. Ok, let’s take a look at the ceramic replica watch of the Rado Sintra Jubile series.

Sintra Series Review
The integrated shape of the Rado Sintra Jubile series is like an architectural structure, and the Challenge of Rado is an original concept. This series is currently the most popular model of the watch with its own style. It includes an observatory watch, a sports chronograph watch, an automatic mechanical watch and Sintra Super Jubile watch, which always uses classic black, white, pink and other colored elements. And the color collection made of high-tech ceramics is highly favored by elegant women.

The classic barrel design is the hallmark of the Sintra collection. The proportion of redesigned in 2007 is the essence of the original idea. Curved square of the dial and the smooth barrel-shaped case gradually extend into the strap. The Sintra series black watch is covered in high-tech precision ceramics. The high-tech ceramic bracelet with a tactile experience makes the wrist a comfortable feeling.

Rado Sintra Series Replica Watch Overview
The Rado Sintra Super Jubile Series continues the strong black legend. The metal-plated black sapphire crystal interacts with the dial and blends in with the barrel-shaped high-tech ceramic case. The monolithic bracelet is completely smooth, and almost each section is progressively extended to the end. A continuous stretch of a single colored line seems charm and noble. Delicate hands and four diamonds markers are accentuated the dial. Inlaid with 48 real diamonds on both sides of the case, which is dazzling.

Superb overall ceramic craft
1. High-tech precision ceramics are often used in medical, aerospace or F1 racing cars. The quality is quite high, which is one of factors for its popular.
2. The high scratch resistance of high-tech ceramics will keep your watch from being scratched by other accessories.
3. Cases and bracelets that play a decisive role in protecting the movement, waterproofing, anti-magnetic, shockproof and wearing, whose weight is more than 95% of the quality of the entire watch. When using high-tech ceramics, the weight can reduce the quality by 60%! Even if the big dial, for the slender wrists of the women, because they are quite light that are no longer guilty.
4. High-tech ceramics have a strong affinity with the skin. If you drink water from a porcelain cup and the skin will not be allergic. Then you will not have a one-second allergy feeling when you wear a ceramic watch for a lifetime.
5. Because of its physical stability, rust and heat resistance, which are not easy to stain. All the elements make the watch easily to wear and collect.