Replica Rado Joaillerie


If you want to choose a brand of watch that is obsessive, then the Rado must be on the list. My impression of the Rado is still on its monolithic ceramic watch, and it will be transferred. After leading the trend in watchmaking, the brand made another breakthrough in the product, trying to combine jewelry with watches.

In fact, it is not just men who are fascinated by watches, but the women as well. And the luxury watches also resonate with women. Some brands not only use the technology to make women obsessed, but also let women happy in appearance. This replica watch is an obvious example.

The combination of sapphire and transparent white diamonds is a good choice to give consumers a visual enjoyment. The basic structure of the Swiss 316L Steel material is closely linked to the jewelry and makes the watch look more coherent and smooth.

The story of the Sapphire
Sapphire symbolizes loyalty, steadfastness, love and honesty. Starlight Sapphire is also known as the “stone of destiny”, which can protect the safety of wearer and make people lucky. Sapphire is a high-end gemstone. It is one of the top five gemstones, which is ranked third after diamonds and rubies. Sapphire is the birthstone of September and autumn that is known as the “sister gem” with ruby. Sapphire is regarded as auspicious by the ancient people’s mysterious supernatural color with its crystal clear and beautiful color.

As early as in ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and ancient Rome, it was used to decorate mosques, churches and monasteries, and as a tribute to religious ceremonies.
It has also become an indispensable accessory in the crown of the British Empire, the Crown of the Russian Tsar and the dress with diamonds and pearls.

Since the gemstones entered the folklore in the past 100 years, sapphire is a jewel variety that people cherish.

The world of gemology defines sapphire as the birthstone of September. Japanese chose it as a precious souvenir for the 23rd anniversary of marriage (sapphire) and the 26th anniversary (star sapphire).

In addition to the logo, round dial has no decoration and no markers. On the dial, my favorite design is the pointer. Imprinted with Clous de Paris, the hands are in the shape of a short stick and. It shines under the light that is very eye-catching. The sapphire bezel is covered by an integral crystal, adding the mystery to watch.
The design of crown is a bit awkward, and if it is included, which will be more convincing. Each side of the dial owns three round sapphire circular ornaments, with white double-row diamonds separating the sapphires.

Equipped with the Quartz (No Chrono) movement, watch can always operate accurately and give enough power reserve.