In recent years, the retro style has prevailed. The reason is that more and more people are beginning to like and appreciate the “old objects” of the past, and think that they can stand the test of time. Among the watches that deserve our exceptional appreciation and recollection, the Tradition Heritage Series Golden Horse Automatic Mechanical Watch from Rado is the best (Model 763.6101.3.110).

The Golden Horse watch, the first prototype of the Rado in 1957, was a major breakthrough for the brand. This is the brand’s first collection of watches under the name Rado, which led to the trend of creating watches as individual style pieces.

Based on the design of the prototype watch, the new watch adds bold and novel elements to make the watch even more eye-catching. The new Rado’s Golden Horse automatic mechanical watch has a larger case size(42mm), a bolder bezel design and a more distinctive crown. The vintage look of the watch is unique, but at the same time remains the unique look and design of the Rado.

The watch has a stainless steel case, not just ceramics. Swiss Rado also has a unique style of the brand in the use of stainless steel. The steel case and dial design follow the classic design of 1957. The two-tone look reflects the retro design and clearly shows the design essence of the Rado. A pair of hippocampus patterns are printed on the dial of each watch, which is the classic symbol of all the “Horse” series of Rado.

At 12 o’clock on the dial, there is a “RADO” and a representative swingable anchor. The gradual effect of the dial gives the two golden hippocampi a unique visual experience. The words “Golden Horse” on the dial have the same font design as the prototype in 1957. The 3-point setting has a date display window to meet people’s daily reading needs.

From the side of the watch, the thickness of the case is not too thick, which makes the wearer feel more comfortable when wearing. In the details of the crystal, the watch uses the sapphire glass to replace the acrylic glass of the prototype.

RADO Tradition Heritage Series Golden Horse Automatic Mechanical Watch 42mm models are available in four colors of dark grey, blue, green and silver. Each comes with a leather strap, three rows or a grainy chain. The steel bracelet is replaced by the wearer. Thanks to modern watchmaking, the wearer can easily replace the bracelet without using any tools.

In terms of watch performance, the premium Swiss C07 ETA automatic mechanical movement provides up to 80 hours of power reserve, enough to meet people’s daily needs.

Have you heard about the prestigious Swiss watch manufacturer i.e. Rado? Of course, you should be as it’s a globally recognized brand. The brand is really very popular for crafting marvelous timepieces that flaunt an innovative design. These timers are absolutely beautiful, durable, and exotic. Needless to mention, the brand has crafted and introduced a wide range of excellent watch series so far. Among their list of inventions, Rado Captain Cook watch surely holds a strong position. The original Rado Captain Cook timers were officially introduced in the year of 1962. These were mainly diver watches which had an impeccable water resistance feature.

Fast forward several years, the brand has now come up with the latest and re-invented version of classic Rado Captain Cook timers. Using revolutionary materials like high-tech ceramic, the brand has once again introduced a completely unique, exclusive, and one-of-a-kind series i.e. Rado HyperChrome Captain Cook watch. The key aspect of these watches is that they flaunt the very same, original look of traditional 1962 Captain Cook Rado watch series.

On top of that, these watches have further brought new and more improved craftsmanship (by fostering twenty-first century’s advanced technology) to ensure the precise movement. Therefore, when it comes to describing this particular watch series in one sentence, it can be mentioned that Rado HyperChrome Captain Cook watch features a perfect balance of vintage details, original styling, and up-to-date features. That’s what has made this timer series — a perfect collection for the modern wearers. This series surely has all the potential to be classified as a vintage beauty with modern features! Rest assured that it can give you the best styling essence (with its minimalist design and vintage look) which you are looking for.

Tips on Buying Rado Captain Cook Timepiece

In the previous section, you have revealed a brief overview and history of Rado HyperChrome Captain Cook watch series. Are you now interested in purchasing them? If yes, then here are a few tips which you should take a look before purchasing them.

i) Make sure to purchase these timers from the authorized stores of Rado brand. If you’re purchasing them online, make sure to validate whether the website is an authorized dealer of Rado watches.

ii) Rado HyperChrome Captain Cook Watch series comes with a spectacular collection of different models. So, make sure to closely check the specification of your chosen model including movement, power reserve capability, and dial type etc.

iii) Though Rado watches are built with excellent, high-quality material that ensures superior durability. But, please do not forget to check the warranty details.

RADO has the reputation of “Material Master” and always focuses on the research and innovation in the field of high-tech ceramics. In the new series, the brand has devoted the past 30 years of superb watchmaking skills, bringing together nine kinds of bold and vivid, very visual Attractive architectural colours create the new TRUE THINLINE LES COULEURSTM LE CORBUSIER limited edition watch.

“Architectural Polychromy” was published in 1931 and extended in 1959. It’s a tremendous writings of architectural colours leading the trend. It contains 63 architectural colors that can change the space. It can also be applied to people’s psychology, and it will also respond to people’s feelings, thus bringing an extraordinary physical and mental experience. These colors are divided into 9 groups of tones depending on the brightness and tone. Today, these colors are still widely used by architects and designers around the world, demonstrating their pivotal significance and immortality. It also confirms the unparalleled influence of Le Corbusier, a very forward-looking designer.

Bright, rich, harmonious, bold, strong, lively, bright, eye-catching or pure, this is the extraordinary color charm that are featured by these Rado TRUE THINLINE LES COULEURSTM LE CORBUSIER  Limited Edition watches, which are available in limited editions of 999 pieces for each color. The bottom cover of each watch is decorated with a special design that includes these 63 colors. These limited-edition watches are crafted from the brand’s signature all-tech ceramics and a breakthrough one-piece case for durability, wear, lightness and comfort.

As the exclusive watch partner of Les CouleursTM, a Swiss color research institute owned by Le Corbusier Foundation, Swiss Rado makes these architectural colors classically restored between wrists, and is proud to be made of brand-iconic materials i.e.high-tech ceramics.

Rado’s True Thin Series is recognized for its brand-breaking style with its groundbreaking design features, and the birth of this new collection highlights the brand’s superior control over bold, vibrant colors. It is also a tribute to Le Corbusier, who built the modern world we see toady with  rainbow-ish and lively colors.

In addition to the choice of black, white, or gray dress watches, the bold color watch may be more suitable for your spiritual outlook. Rado proved to us that the watch definitely can lead the color trend aesthetics as long as the match is appropriate.

Watches have changed in their use over time. When originally created, they were meant simply to tell time. But as technology has progressed and many of us are now able to see the time on our smartphones, watches have taken on more of a fashion aesthetic.

The right watch can accessorize any outfit perfectly, pulling the entire look together with an elegant, classy feel. But there is potentially one issue: watches can be very expensive. Depending on the style and brand of the watch that you choose, the price tag can skyrocket.

Rado Replica watches are the best choiceRado watch fashion look

That is why replica watches are becoming more common of a choice. Rado watches, in particular, are becoming one of the more popular choices on the market in regards to ceramic watches and with good reason.

Rado replica watches take the care to match the size and weight of the authentic Rado watches and manage to replicate their look for a fraction of the cost. With a number of sleek, modern, luxurious designs, there are so many choices to accessorize your look with and at the much more affordable cost, you can keep several on hand without worrying about breaking the bank.

But which Rado replica watches are the best values under $500? There are too many to cover here, but these are a couple of Rado Replica watches that are definitely worth your time (pun intended).

Rado Replica Tungsten Black Face WatchRado Replica Tungsten watch review

Sleek and lightweight with a metallic tungsten band, this scratch-proof watch with black face and the dial is water-resistant and built to provide the comfort, luxury, and reliability of authentic Rado watches. It looks just as the authentic version does and provides an elegant feel each time you wear it.

There are few watches at this price point (just $99 through most online watch retailers) that can match the style and reliability that this tungsten watch brings.

Rado Replica XL ChronographRado Replica XL Chronograph watch price info

With a black band and black watch face, this dark yet sleek-looking watch matches the weight and dimensions of its authentic counterpart. Like all the Rado replica watches, it uses scratch-proof sapphire crystal so you never have to worry about nicks and dings ruining your watch.

The back-case is solid with the proper Rado engraving on it so that you feel as if you are getting the authentic experience for just under $200 as opposed to the much higher price the authentic will cost. Elegant and luxurious, this is a great choice.

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Replica Jewelry Comparison — What Makes Different From the Rest?Quality Tiffany jewels for her

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How many people wear Rado as their first ceramic watch? And how many people have all these ceramic watches that are Rado? In 1962, Rado introduced a wristwatch that did not wear out. More than 20 years later, the introduction of high-tech ceramic material tabulation in 1986. Since then out of control, a variety of high-tech ceramic case after case. Now, Rado main material that is Ceramos ™ cermet watch.

Rado as the Master of Materials

What is cermet? Metal and ceramic. That’s right, while that’s not all right. Metal-ceramic is greater than metal combines with ceramic! Cermet does have metals and ceramics. As the name suggests, it’s a mixture of metal and ceramic. But this how to mix is a fierce place, omit here the process that material great master makes painstaking efforts probably 100 thousand words…

Ceramos ™ cermet is radar metal ceramic series current top-of-the-line version because the TAB as in the life is coming step by step. So let’s enjoy the radar and wonderful of metal-ceramic timing for the last few years.

1993 Rado Sintra watch: it is the first time that Rado watch is made of ceramic and metal composite material. It has won two international design awards: the Rosinex Fair Award in Russia in 2002 and the g-mark Award in Japan in 1993.

Rado Sintra watches 2008: Rado Sintra gold ceramic and a metal composite material watch was first introduced in another Rado Sintra series.

2009 Rado Ceramic watch: this watch is made of ceramic and metal composite material, which is a linear shape is attractive.

2011 Rado D – Star watch: first use Ceramos™ metal-ceramic material to build a wristwatch, this can be the material of injection molding for the unprecedented innovation design and neat lines laid a solid foundation.

2012 Rado Hyperchrome watch: automatic mechanical watches with gold and rose gold Ceramos ™ cermet material bezel and watch chain link.

2018 Rado Diamaster watch: Ceramos ™ ceramic automatic mechanical watch new chain on two needle automatic watch with stainless steel and rose gold Ceramos ™ ceramic metal unibody case.

User evaluation: Rado is the first to use high-tech ceramics in the manufacture of watches. As early as 1986, black high-tech ceramics were used to make watches. Nowadays, the mature application of cermet brings a more classic appearance to the ceramic watch, further expanding the audience of the ceramic watch. The material master is really well-deserved.

Rado Ceramos imitated watch

In fact, a lot of things, as long as the simple is easy, wearing a watch is also. Because simple, so it can match almost any things. Business, leisure, elegant…No matter wear a watch for the wear material or wear appearance, Rado metal ceramic watch is stable.

For a long time, Rado has been in close communication with world-renowned designers and has continued to cooperate intensively. As a leading brand on the international design stage, Rado continues to bring watchmaking with forward-looking design concepts, unique perspectives, and distinctive styles through collaboration with designers.

This time, Rado focuses on True Thinline, and together with countless British designer Bethan Gray, adds luxury materials and glamorous design elements to Rado’s slimmer models.

The history of Rado
Rado is a world-renowned brand known for its innovative design and its revolutionary materials, who designed to create watches that are not easily worn. From the beginning of the establishment of Linuo in Switzerland, Rado has always had the spirit of pioneering and enterprising. Today, it still adheres to the brand philosophy of “If you can imagine, you can create”.

The story about Bethan Gray
Bethan Gray is a female designer from Wales who has traveled to all continents of the world. Affected by this, Betty Gray is also very passionate about travel, art, and culture. She has also visited many places visited by ancestors. Today, she is committed to protecting traditional culture and engraving crafts with a mission to give modern meaning to the traditional crafts of these regions. As a winner of the “Best British Designer” who has been in the “Elle Decoration” for 20 years, Bethan Gray founded the studio of the same name in 2008 with the private designs are available for sale in high-end department stores, such as are available for sale, Liberty and Harrods.

As a “material master”, Rado not only ensures that the True Thinline rivet limited edition watch has an aesthetically pleasing design but also gives the watch excellent wearing comfort with its superior control of the material. At the same time, this latest masterpiece of Rado True Thinline retains award-winning lightweight, abrasion-resistant and hypoallergenic properties.

Rado True Thinline Rivet Limited Edition Watch Joint Designer – British Designer Bethan Gray

“I really appreciate the strong visual impact of this watch”, Rado Global CEO Matthias Breschan said, “True Thinline rivet limited edition watch is luxurious and dazzling. It is a brand-name product with a brand-like style. Bethan Gray’s use of materials and patterns is highly compatible with Rado True Thinline’s design philosophy”.

Rado True Thinline Rivet black gold imitated watch

This watch combines intricate texture patterns, gold details and slim lines with the essential features of the minimalist style that Rado advocates. The new design style and material elements are expected. Without fear of the baptism of the years, the glory of the wrist shines forever. Although Rado True Thinline rivet limited edition watch is limited to 1,001 pieces, the replica watch can provide you with the same wonderful.

In February 2019, the Rado, a Swiss avant-garde wristwatch brand in Shanghai, China, will once again be presented as the official timepiece in “design Shanghai 2019”. With the extraordinary charm of “material master”, Swiss Rado watch will add new vitality to this Asian international design event.

Swiss Rado is once again honored as the official timepiece of “design Shanghai” in 2019

Solstice on March 6 to 9, 2019, “design Shanghai” shock return to Shanghai exhibition center, which will be the largest and best quality “design”. In addition to adding much top design brand. it will also be collected from more than 30 countries and regions more than 400 brands and design art galleries, huge amounts of starting new sites present the most notable limited design boutique.

Held during the exhibition, Swiss Rado watches “travel” with master dialogue and design media seminar. Swiss Rado watches global Vice President of product management Hakim El and Swiss Rado HyperChrome watch designers Inma Bermudez will explore the beauty of the fusion of the design and material innovation and the development trend of design in China, such as the subject.

Rado HyperChrome R32260702 Black Ceramics Diamond Markers Imitated Watch

Rado HyperChrome R32258702 White Ceramics Diamond Markers Imitated Watch

2019 is the sixth anniversary of design Shanghai and the third year of Swiss Rado ‘s partnership as the official timepiece. Since the exhibition, Swiss Rado watch exhibition area has won unanimous praise from both inside and outside the industry by virtue of the brand’s signature simple and elegant style. It is worth mentioning that the Swiss Rado watch will further expand its exhibition space and bring a more unique viewing experience to the audience with a new layout and design.

Swiss HyperChrome hao star series ultralight limited edition watch won the 2018 Good Design Award

Rado HyperChrome Imitated watch 766.6035.3.125 with brown leather strap

As a leading brand in the field of international design, Swiss Rado watch is always in the vanguard in the field of material innovation and design. These two elements are also deeply rooted in the brand DNA, which bring success and honor to the brand.

Over the years, with its unique control of materials and extraordinary design concept, Swiss Rado watch has won more than 40 international design awards, and thus won the reputation of “design pioneer” and “material master”.

At the 2019 “design Shanghai”, Swiss Rado watch will be presented in the new exhibition area with the brand’s new 2019 product series, numerous classic timepieces and watch products that have won the design award. It will show the beauty of the time between the watches with originality, and bring the audience a visual feast of the integration of material art and design.

The 2018 tennis season has come to an end. For the Rado, which is the official timepiece of many exciting international events, the past year has been an exciting year.

The International WTA, whose the full name is the Women’s Tennis Association, founded in 1973. The player headquartered is located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Its the Sports Science, the Medical, the Tour Operations, and the Player Relations offices are located in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. The WTA was founded by 63 players led by Billy Jane-Jin. For the past 40 years, the prize money and the scale of the event have increased from the initial price of $1.9 million in 10 countries to the $118 million prizes in 33 countries.

After spending a sweaty summer at the English Grassland, Ashleigh Barty, the “Star of the Future”, once again won the International Women’s Professional in Network (WTA) title at the Nottingham Open.

Ashreb Batty, a rising star in today’s tennis world, is a strong hitter with great talent. Especially in the doubles and the compatriots, Casey Dellacqua formed the strongest in Australia. In the 2013 season, they strongly reach into the Australian Open, Wimbledon, the US Open three Grand Slam finals. In any case, Batty is only 17 years old, and her future will surely become a new legend in the tennis world.

As a result, the Rado’s focus on tennis has shifted to indoor stadiums in Central and Eastern Europe. In September and October 2018, the figure of Rado HyperChrome horn-clocks appeared in the Swiss Indoor Games, the Vienna Este Bank Open in Austria, and the annual Russian tennis tournament in Moscow — the Kremlin Cup on the field. Rado Switzerland’s official timepiece for the 2018 Rado Swiss radar international tennis tournament will wrap up on December 30 in Brisbane, Australia, ahead of the first tournament of the 2019 New Year. As a result, the official journey of the official Rado International Tennis Tournament in 2019 was also opened.

Rado HyperChrome High-tech Ceramic Automatic R32109152 knock-off watch

In 1986, the Swiss Rado was the first to introduce high-tech ceramics into the watchmaking industry. Polishing black high-tech ceramics became an excellent endorsement of the style belongs to Swiss Rado. Smooth and soft, sparkling wrists and the minimalist case make Rado watch the best interpretation of the Swiss brand’s style timepiece.

This Rado watch as a high-tech ceramic is known for its bright beauty. The simple and delicate dial layout with the high-tech ceramic material shining and metallic luster presents a new era of refined style created by avant-garde technology. The use of high-tech ceramics enhances the comfort of this watch, while the wear-free and lightweight design makes this watch a perfect fit for any occasion.

As the quality of life improves, the requirements for the items around us are getting higher. It is precisely because of this high demand that it will promote the continuous upgrading of science and technology and further enrich our lives. For men, in addition to suits and briefcases, watches are also essential decorations. But do you really know the watch on your wrist? How long does it takes for a watch to go from concept to delivery? Let’s take a look at the craftsmanship of the watch from the most representative Rado.

In the view of Rado, the design always goes hand in hand with the possibilities of new materials and technical equipment. The brand used high-tech ceramic material in rectangular or angular case and bracelet in the 1980s for the first time.

The round high-tech ceramic shape is theoretically possible, but it is a nightmare for the mechanical technology at the time. Today’s high-tech ceramics are injection molded rather than old-fashioned stamping technology, which gives the brand greater freedom in design.

The evolution behind the Rado True watch case shows how technological advancement has advanced the design of high-tech ceramic watches. In fact, the case of True watch has undergone numerous design evolution, all of which began with the 2000 Rado Xeramo.

Rado True Xeramo black high-tech ceramic imitated watch

The side edges of the round case of the Rado True Xeramo watch make it extremely recognizable, but don’t confuse your eyes. This case is a one-piece process.

At the time, Xeramo watch, like all high-tech ceramic watches, was made of high-tech ceramic-wrapped steel frames. The design of the early case has a large bezel because it has to cover its steel frame. In 2006, Xeramo watch developed into the first Rado True watch. During this period, there were no polished high-tech ceramic watches on the market, and matte high-tech ceramic watches also appeared.

The design of high-tech ceramic watch is more complicated.
Mold development is a big project: all screw holes, openings and indentation must be within the planned range, in order to be as close as possible to the ultimate product. And it is necessary to take into account the 23% shrinkage of the finished product.

While the mold cannot be run, and the designer must work with maximum precision and be 100% sure of the design. This reality prompted the design team to follow five work steps: manual drawing, computer generated sketch, 3D printing with hard wax, disposable steel or machined ceramic prototype and mold design.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the design and production of high-tech ceramic watches is more complicated than steel watches. Responsibly, the process from idea to finished watch takes two to three years.