September 2018


If you want to choose a brand of watch that is obsessive, then the Rado must be on the list. My impression of the Rado is still on its monolithic ceramic watch, and it will be transferred. After leading the trend in watchmaking, the brand made another breakthrough in the product, trying to combine jewelry with watches.

In fact, it is not just men who are fascinated by watches, but the women as well. And the luxury watches also resonate with women. Some brands not only use the technology to make women obsessed, but also let women happy in appearance. This replica watch is an obvious example.

The combination of sapphire and transparent white diamonds is a good choice to give consumers a visual enjoyment. The basic structure of the Swiss 316L Steel material is closely linked to the jewelry and makes the watch look more coherent and smooth.

The story of the Sapphire
Sapphire symbolizes loyalty, steadfastness, love and honesty. Starlight Sapphire is also known as the “stone of destiny”, which can protect the safety of wearer and make people lucky. Sapphire is a high-end gemstone. It is one of the top five gemstones, which is ranked third after diamonds and rubies. Sapphire is the birthstone of September and autumn that is known as the “sister gem” with ruby. Sapphire is regarded as auspicious by the ancient people’s mysterious supernatural color with its crystal clear and beautiful color.

As early as in ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and ancient Rome, it was used to decorate mosques, churches and monasteries, and as a tribute to religious ceremonies.
It has also become an indispensable accessory in the crown of the British Empire, the Crown of the Russian Tsar and the dress with diamonds and pearls.

Since the gemstones entered the folklore in the past 100 years, sapphire is a jewel variety that people cherish.

The world of gemology defines sapphire as the birthstone of September. Japanese chose it as a precious souvenir for the 23rd anniversary of marriage (sapphire) and the 26th anniversary (star sapphire).

In addition to the logo, round dial has no decoration and no markers. On the dial, my favorite design is the pointer. Imprinted with Clous de Paris, the hands are in the shape of a short stick and. It shines under the light that is very eye-catching. The sapphire bezel is covered by an integral crystal, adding the mystery to watch.
The design of crown is a bit awkward, and if it is included, which will be more convincing. Each side of the dial owns three round sapphire circular ornaments, with white double-row diamonds separating the sapphires.

Equipped with the Quartz (No Chrono) movement, watch can always operate accurately and give enough power reserve.

The soft silk and chiffon are popular for women. Not only that the discerning man has a soft spot for this texture of fabric. After all, the docile fabric allows the free wind to fill every corner of the body, releasing pressure invisibly. This intoxicating magic is discovered by shrewd watchmakers, then create the smooth silk strap that everyone loves. When the silk watch strap in close contact with the wrist, the feeling of relaxation comes out : the touch of time is the same as the silk.

The overall ceramic watch of brand has been supported by fans, and now the impact of visual and sensory belongs to the replica Rado Esenza Series R53491155 fashion watch has further enhances.

Black case is Swiss 316L Steel. With the oval shape, the case of watch can match any size of wrist. No markers design makes the entire black dial in a very empty style, but this is the design concept of the fashion watch — simple and stylish. The silver dirk shaped pointers have a strong contrast with the dial, making it easy to distinguish time. At the same time, it adds some vitality to the black dial. Of course, it does not have a second hand. As there is no scale, the presence of the second hand is less important. However, I feel that adding a second hand can give the watch a sense of power.

The watch has no lug and the strap is directly integrated into the case. Rests on the buckle, the strap secures watch firmly to wrist. Engraved with the RADO, silver ardillon buckle is also made of Swiss 316L Steel. The experience of black silk strap provided to the wearer is irreplaceable by other material straps. In fact, watch with this strap material was the first contact for me, which is very amazing.

The factors in choosing the silk material to make watch strap
The silk material has a long culture. Originally , it was designed and produced only for the nobility. As the improvement of craft, a large amount of silk materials are flowing into the market, which were quite popular.
As a pure natural textile material, silk owns the most comfortable touch and excellent performance(soft and smooth). In addition, breath-ability, wearing comfort and moisture absorption are unmatched by other materials.
There is not much restriction on the matching of watch. What’s more, the silk strap watch gives the wearer and viewer a deeper emotional experience.

Because it is a fashion watch, so its Quartz (No Chrono) movement saves a lot of trouble to the wearer. As the watch has no crown, it can’t be equipped with a mechanical movement. Therefore, the watch still needs a holistic design, which will present the most perfect product for consumers.

In the blink of an eye, there are only three months left in 2018. After a few rains, the autumn came quietly. The autumn is a harvest season compared to the four seasons, and many plants mature in the fall. Without the heat of summer, the cool weather reflects the changing scenery. So, there are many lovers who will choose to enter the marriage hall in this fruitful season.

When refer to the marriage, of course, the ring is indispensable. And it is the best choice is the diamond ring. However, if there is a watch that can replace the diamond ring, I don’t know whether there will be lovers to choose. Today, I introduced a watch ring. And I don’t know if people have seen it before. Then let’s see what the watch ring looks like.

Since it is a ring, diamonds are definitely indispensable. This replica Rado Ture Jubile collection is made of diamond elements inside, which is luxurious and beautiful. The outer ring of the round black dial is tiled with polished diamonds that more than the width of the scale circle. At 12 o’clock stays a unique design of silver dots, and the perfect combination of diamond ring.

Ok, when it comes to this, everyone should know the truth of the matter. This is a watch, which just has a shape like a ring in the design element. I made a little joke to everyone, but when people saw such a chic watch, they should not blame me. Then let’s continue to appreciate the charm of this replica watch.

The square-cut diamond hour markers are very appealing on the black dial, just like the twinkling stars in the night sky. In addition to the luster of the diamond itself, these markers also have the luster of Clous de Paris (I think this effect should be due to cutting, ans it is very embarrassing anyway).

There is also a round date display window at 6 o’clock, which is relatively small, adding practical features to the watch. Rado watches have always ceramic style. This replica watch features a Swiss 316L Steel case. Although not comfortable to wear ceramics, the life of this watch is relatively longer. After all, the wear resistance and anti-strike effect of stainless steel materials are still commendable.

And the polished stainless steel strap is also uniquely designed. Compared to the conventional style, this strap has the semi-circular concave and convex in the middle. Don’t underestimate this small detail. It can fit the wrist well without wearing pressure on the skin during the wearing of watch. The polish of the watch is very delicate, and the various parts of the strap are perfectly connected.

Rado opened a new window for the watchmaking world in high-tech ceramic watches field. And it sets off a high-tech material whirlwind. Whether the design of high-tech ceramic watches, or the internal configuration, as well as the inherent beauty of high-tech ceramics that all of these make Rado watches have been recognized and supported by consumers.

The pure color ceramic decoration adds a touch of sophistication to the shape of the watch. Signature barrel-shaped case of the watch is perfectly integrated with the smooth lines of ceramics. And the one-piece lugs combines with a unique bracelet adding a charming feeling to the entire watch. The whole body is made of high-tech ceramics, which is warm to touch and comfortable to wear, giving the skin the most intimate care.

Choosing this replica ceramic watch is not only because of its low price, but also due to its high quality and strict pursuit of craftsmanship.

The Detail of Replica Radar Timing Ceramic Watch
In general, the design of ceramic watches is relatively simple. After all, the technical requirements for the production of watches are relatively high. In order to occupy the market, brands generally reduce the introduction of complex processes appropriately, and only attract consumers based on the appearance of ceramics. Although the appearance is the pattern inherent in ordinary ceramic watches, the delicate and compact dial will fully attract people’s attention.

In order to make the timing function easy to use, this replica watch has three small dials. Previous small dials have a circular outer structure, and this replica watch introduces a square dial. Moreover, the shape of the time scale and date display window is also a square design. With a sword-shaped pointer, the entire dial is a collection of square structures. So as to alleviate the toughness of the square design, the hour and minute rings of watch are displayed with the round button on the outer ring. This combination of square and round makes the dial even more delicate.

Luminous coating decoration makes it easy to master time even in the dark. The Sapphire Crystal mirror converts light very well, making time reading easier and more convenient.

This engraved watch is still fitted with a traditional round crown, but the chronograph button adds an innovative element. Irregular shape, like the protective lock, is distributed on both sides of the crown. This is also one of the more attractive features of replica watch.

Although it has screw down back, two sides are treated by the pressing technology making case does not look too thick. If the watch has a problem and needs to be repaired, this back can be easily opened.
Although the ceramic strap wears the Deployment buckle that is not new, it is convenient for daily use.

Many people are wondering why ceramic watches are so popular? As everyone knows, the texture of ceramic has its own unique attributes, which are more portable. Ok, let’s take a look at the ceramic replica watch of the Rado Sintra Jubile series.

Sintra Series Review
The integrated shape of the Rado Sintra Jubile series is like an architectural structure, and the Challenge of Rado is an original concept. This series is currently the most popular model of the watch with its own style. It includes an observatory watch, a sports chronograph watch, an automatic mechanical watch and Sintra Super Jubile watch, which always uses classic black, white, pink and other colored elements. And the color collection made of high-tech ceramics is highly favored by elegant women.

The classic barrel design is the hallmark of the Sintra collection. The proportion of redesigned in 2007 is the essence of the original idea. Curved square of the dial and the smooth barrel-shaped case gradually extend into the strap. The Sintra series black watch is covered in high-tech precision ceramics. The high-tech ceramic bracelet with a tactile experience makes the wrist a comfortable feeling.

Rado Sintra Series Replica Watch Overview
The Rado Sintra Super Jubile Series continues the strong black legend. The metal-plated black sapphire crystal interacts with the dial and blends in with the barrel-shaped high-tech ceramic case. The monolithic bracelet is completely smooth, and almost each section is progressively extended to the end. A continuous stretch of a single colored line seems charm and noble. Delicate hands and four diamonds markers are accentuated the dial. Inlaid with 48 real diamonds on both sides of the case, which is dazzling.

Superb overall ceramic craft
1. High-tech precision ceramics are often used in medical, aerospace or F1 racing cars. The quality is quite high, which is one of factors for its popular.
2. The high scratch resistance of high-tech ceramics will keep your watch from being scratched by other accessories.
3. Cases and bracelets that play a decisive role in protecting the movement, waterproofing, anti-magnetic, shockproof and wearing, whose weight is more than 95% of the quality of the entire watch. When using high-tech ceramics, the weight can reduce the quality by 60%! Even if the big dial, for the slender wrists of the women, because they are quite light that are no longer guilty.
4. High-tech ceramics have a strong affinity with the skin. If you drink water from a porcelain cup and the skin will not be allergic. Then you will not have a one-second allergy feeling when you wear a ceramic watch for a lifetime.
5. Because of its physical stability, rust and heat resistance, which are not easy to stain. All the elements make the watch easily to wear and collect.