December 2018


The main purpose of wearing jewelry is to increase beauty and enhance temperament. At the same time, it can be used to express its own ideas or conservation. Good use of jewelry can help in many social situations. Below we will talk about some simple wearing precautions of jewelry and I hope that can help everyone who have problem on matching.

Less is better when wearing
In the type of jewelry to be worn, the principle is that less is better. And the general limit is 3. Too much messy jewelry can be counterproductive.

Color and material are the same or similar
Although the contrast is a trend, it does not mean that you can casually pick up the choice of jewelry. If you wear two or more pieces of jewelry at the same time when wearing accessory, you should ensure that the color and material of these jewels are the same or similar, which can increase the overall coordination to avoid clutter.

Meet your identity, career and overall style
Women in the workplace can be very elegant and charm with simple embellishments.
Then, consider your overall shape to choose the jewelry that matches it. For example, a red dress with red jewelry seems to complement each other. Wearing luxurious sparkling diamond earrings or large grained pearl earrings must be accompanied by dark premium velvet cheongsam or high-end dresses that will make you be the center of the meeting or the party.

Jewelry is to increase the beauty and express your temperament and connotation. But there is a kind of jewelry, one can meet all the matching rules – jewelry watches. Diamonds, belts and fashion dials, no matter which one is a perfect decoration.

Replica Rado Esenza Quartz Oval Jubile Bezel Ladies Fashion Watch R53542715 with Black Leather Strap

The oval silver case is inlaid with a well-cut diamond, making the entire watch stylish and gorgeous. The black dial with a square diamond hour mark (a fashion watch with a scale design is rare, and the diamond scale is more fascinating) is more chic. The silver pointer contrasts sharply with the black dial, making it easier to read. The watch is made of a quartz movement, which is slimmer than a mechanical movement. So the watch is comfortable to wear and there is no pressure on the wrist. The black crocodile leather strap is seamlessly bonded to make the strap more integrated, which can meet the aesthetic standards of women.

The decoration of diamond meets the basic requirements of jewelry accessories. Exquisite dial allows the watch to be freely converted between work and leisure. Soft and unique black leather strap gives the wrist an incomparable comfort. Therefore, there are thousands of kinds of jewellery, and a fashion watch can decorate the whole world.

For fashion people, a personalized watch will be the best decoration, especially for men. In the choice of accessories, most men will choose an easy-to-match watch to best suit their everyday accessories. Relatively speaking, black seems to be the most suitable color, deep and steady, which is in line with the character of successful people. High-tech ceramic technology is also becoming more and more mature, and has been successfully applied to the production process of watches. These details are factors in the selection of men watches.

This Rado replica watch is designed in one piece, allowing the entire part of the watch to be tightly connected. The overall black design concept adds a touch of style and charm to the watch.

Maybe the rose gold is the best color to match the black well. This imitated timing has the rose gold decorations to fill with the black dial, such as the markers, three small dials and unique thick ring(with the skeleton design, the circle is amazing and luxury). In order to make the dial perfect, this replicated watch also has the same tone scale out-ring and hands in the shape of short sword. And there is a square date display window at 4 o’clock, which has white background and black numbers. While in my mind, this design is not comfortable for people to distinguish the date clearly.

Though the dial is beautiful, it still has the troublesome for people to read time. The hands in the same color is not easy to recognize. Maybe the sliver hands are more showy.

Compared to the luxury and beauty of the dial, the bezel is relatively low-key. Black bezel made of black high-tech ceramics is engraved with digital time scales and is very practical. The crown is made of Swiss 316L steel with a coin pattern for easy use. Because it is a chronograph watch, the operation buttons are distributed on both sides of the crown. And the same material is used, which is well polished. Moreover, these three buttons are distributed on one side of the watch, which is relatively neat and easy to operate.

43mm diameter case is enough large for men to wear. The case is made of a turtle shell shape, which is more suitable for the wrist curve. Screw down back fits tightly to the case, this design allows the movement inside the watch to function properly.

The Japanese quartz movement provides excellent power support for the various functions of the watch. Deployment Buckle is more convenient. The high-tech ceramic watch strap is more comfortable to wear, but the autumn and winter seasons still need to be carefully selected. After all, the material of ceramics are more suitable for summer than other straps.