August 2018


The watch with steel belt and the leather strap are annoying, and I want to change the ceramic watch. So I consulted a friend who works on the watch after-sale for some tips. He told me: “Then you can ask the right person, I have known more tips about ceramic watches than you have seen!”

Afterwords, he told me about some ceramic watches and I will share them with you.
Tips about High-Tech Ceramics watch

First of all, ceramic watches are fragile.
The ceramic watches were out of order because it was broken that were sent to the after-sale office. The ceramic watch is not to say that it is easily fragile, but a ceramic material that makes everything fragile.

Various of broken methods:
Take a shot on the table, falling off the bedside table or the buckle did not work the making the watch fly away that might be broken into slag. So ceramic watches should be treated as carefully as valuables. After all, ceramic watches are expensive in the process.

Second, the methods on how to maintain a ceramic watch.
When the ceramic bracelet is dirty due to long-term wear, just use a small toothbrush with the soap to gently scrub. (The best way to clean ceramic bracelet is to remove it and prevent the movement from entering the water. Of course, buying a black ceramic watch should be a perfect choice that the dirty can’t be seen from the black appearance).

It is best way to put the desiccant in the place where the watch stays, but avoid using chemicals such as mothballs and insect repellents.

Different watches should be worn for different occasions. For sports moment, it is perfect to use a sports watch with excellent waterproof and shock resistance that will suitable for the moment.

Special reminder:
No watch should be worn in hot water or bathroom. Even if your watch is waterproof. Because the seal of the watch is rubber. And due to the heat, it is easy to age. And the water vapor molecules around it are relatively small. It easily penetrates into the case and causes internal mechanical damage.

Finally, I will recommend a High-Tech Ceramics watch for persons — Rado Sintra Jubile date knockoff watch.

Technique detail
Movement: ASIAN Mechanical
Class: Sapphire Crystal
Functions: Date,Hours-Minutes-Seconds
Markers: Baton&Numerals
Case material: Swiss 316L Steel
Case thickness: 10mm
Range of Size: 20-35mm
Size: 22mm
Accessories: Normal Box Packaged

Sum up:
In fact, for a watch, the displaying time is just one of many features, and it is becoming more and more marginal factor. When people choose a watch, the material and appearance seem to be more attractive. The High-Tech Ceramic watch is the pursuit of this top technology. At the time of enjoying the comfort of high-end crafts, please don’t forget to take good care of it. After all, good maintenance will make it last longer.

Now days, the ceramic watches have become the new darling of the watchmaking world. The ceramic material has the characteristics of luster, high hardness, no rust, discoloration, chemical stability and the like. Case and strap of watch are all made of high-tech ceramic composite material that become more and more popular. The advantages of the high-tech ceramic: good resistance to rust and heat, high hardness, not easy to wear, never fades and doesn’t damage the skin!

Watch details
This type is normal but the detail design is amusing. Silver makers are constituted by Arabic numerals and Batons. More smart, except the 4 o’clock, 8 o’clock and 12 o’clock are the Arabic numerals, the other markers only are wide Batons. Furthermore, the date window is at 6 o’clock (other watches always have Arabic numerals at 3 o’clock,6 o’clock,9 o’clock,12 o’clock. And the date window, generally speaking, stays at 3 o’clock). The Arabic numerals markers at 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock are eye-catching that are the unique elements.

22mm diameter white square dial is a little small but it is still the perfect size for wrist. And this watch is suit for exquisite men who pursue for fine life. The logo and signs add the fun to the stiffness watch.
This replica watch is made of High-Tech Ceramics, which is the fashion technique in watchmaking.

Fired at a high temperature of around 1500 °C, High-tech ceramic is a mineral powder based on zirconium dioxide (the diameter of powder particles is less than 1 micron). It has the same physical and chemical properties as traditional Chinese ceramics.
Waterproof, high temperature resistant, anti-fading and anti-corrosion is the feature of High-tech ceramic. And the surface is moist and flawless, which can emit soft and natural luster.
Compared with stainless steel watches, the weight of ceramic watches is reduced by about 60%. And the hardness is about 10 times that of stainless steel. More significant, it has the good resistance to rust and heat.
Screw-down watch back with the sign and the model feels cool. And the Invisible Double Locking Clasp offers a comfortable experience. The RADO and HIGH-TECH CERAMICS are engraved at the clasp showing the high-quality of this knockoff watch.

With the ASIAN Mechanical movement, this clone watch operates smoothly and steadily. Japanese Miyota is the level of this knockoff watch that owns the high-quality technique in watchmaking, Asian.

Maybe in hot summer, a cool and modern watch will be a wonderful thing with people. And if he/she has a holiday, wearing a High-Tech Ceramic that can clam the temper forgetting about the troublesome of the journey.