Rado HyperChrome R32258702 White Ceramics Diamond Markers Replica Watch


In February 2019, the Rado, a Swiss avant-garde wristwatch brand in Shanghai, China, will once again be presented as the official timepiece in “design Shanghai 2019”. With the extraordinary charm of “material master”, Swiss Rado watch will add new vitality to this Asian international design event.

Swiss Rado is once again honored as the official timepiece of “design Shanghai” in 2019

Solstice on March 6 to 9, 2019, “design Shanghai” shock return to Shanghai exhibition center, which will be the largest and best quality “design”. In addition to adding much top design brand. it will also be collected from more than 30 countries and regions more than 400 brands and design art galleries, huge amounts of starting new sites present the most notable limited design boutique.

Held during the exhibition, Swiss Rado watches “travel” with master dialogue and design media seminar. Swiss Rado watches global Vice President of product management Hakim El and Swiss Rado HyperChrome watch designers Inma Bermudez will explore the beauty of the fusion of the design and material innovation and the development trend of design in China, such as the subject.

Rado HyperChrome R32260702 Black Ceramics Diamond Markers Imitated Watch

Rado HyperChrome R32258702 White Ceramics Diamond Markers Imitated Watch

2019 is the sixth anniversary of design Shanghai and the third year of Swiss Rado ‘s partnership as the official timepiece. Since the exhibition, Swiss Rado watch exhibition area has won unanimous praise from both inside and outside the industry by virtue of the brand’s signature simple and elegant style. It is worth mentioning that the Swiss Rado watch will further expand its exhibition space and bring a more unique viewing experience to the audience with a new layout and design.

Swiss HyperChrome hao star series ultralight limited edition watch won the 2018 Good Design Award

Rado HyperChrome Imitated watch 766.6035.3.125 with brown leather strap

As a leading brand in the field of international design, Swiss Rado watch is always in the vanguard in the field of material innovation and design. These two elements are also deeply rooted in the brand DNA, which bring success and honor to the brand.

Over the years, with its unique control of materials and extraordinary design concept, Swiss Rado watch has won more than 40 international design awards, and thus won the reputation of “design pioneer” and “material master”.

At the 2019 “design Shanghai”, Swiss Rado watch will be presented in the new exhibition area with the brand’s new 2019 product series, numerous classic timepieces and watch products that have won the design award. It will show the beauty of the time between the watches with originality, and bring the audience a visual feast of the integration of material art and design.