Rado Ceramos Replica Watch


How many people wear Rado as their first ceramic watch? And how many people have all these ceramic watches that are Rado? In 1962, Rado introduced a wristwatch that did not wear out. More than 20 years later, the introduction of high-tech ceramic material tabulation in 1986. Since then out of control, a variety of high-tech ceramic case after case. Now, Rado main material that is Ceramos ™ cermet watch.

Rado as the Master of Materials

What is cermet? Metal and ceramic. That’s right, while that’s not all right. Metal-ceramic is greater than metal combines with ceramic! Cermet does have metals and ceramics. As the name suggests, it’s a mixture of metal and ceramic. But this how to mix is a fierce place, omit here the process that material great master makes painstaking efforts probably 100 thousand words…

Ceramos ™ cermet is radar metal ceramic series current top-of-the-line version because the TAB as in the life is coming step by step. So let’s enjoy the radar and wonderful of metal-ceramic timing for the last few years.

1993 Rado Sintra watch: it is the first time that Rado watch is made of ceramic and metal composite material. It has won two international design awards: the Rosinex Fair Award in Russia in 2002 and the g-mark Award in Japan in 1993.

Rado Sintra watches 2008: Rado Sintra gold ceramic and a metal composite material watch was first introduced in another Rado Sintra series.

2009 Rado Ceramic watch: this watch is made of ceramic and metal composite material, which is a linear shape is attractive.

2011 Rado D – Star watch: first use Ceramos™ metal-ceramic material to build a wristwatch, this can be the material of injection molding for the unprecedented innovation design and neat lines laid a solid foundation.

2012 Rado Hyperchrome watch: automatic mechanical watches with gold and rose gold Ceramos ™ cermet material bezel and watch chain link.

2018 Rado Diamaster watch: Ceramos ™ ceramic automatic mechanical watch new chain on two needle automatic watch with stainless steel and rose gold Ceramos ™ ceramic metal unibody case.

User evaluation: Rado is the first to use high-tech ceramics in the manufacture of watches. As early as 1986, black high-tech ceramics were used to make watches. Nowadays, the mature application of cermet brings a more classic appearance to the ceramic watch, further expanding the audience of the ceramic watch. The material master is really well-deserved.

Rado Ceramos imitated watch

In fact, a lot of things, as long as the simple is easy, wearing a watch is also. Because simple, so it can match almost any things. Business, leisure, elegant…No matter wear a watch for the wear material or wear appearance, Rado metal ceramic watch is stable.