The Story About British Designer Bethan Gray


For a long time, Rado has been in close communication with world-renowned designers and has continued to cooperate intensively. As a leading brand on the international design stage, Rado continues to bring watchmaking with forward-looking design concepts, unique perspectives, and distinctive styles through collaboration with designers.

This time, Rado focuses on True Thinline, and together with countless British designer Bethan Gray, adds luxury materials and glamorous design elements to Rado’s slimmer models.

The history of Rado
Rado is a world-renowned brand known for its innovative design and its revolutionary materials, who designed to create watches that are not easily worn. From the beginning of the establishment of Linuo in Switzerland, Rado has always had the spirit of pioneering and enterprising. Today, it still adheres to the brand philosophy of “If you can imagine, you can create”.

The story about Bethan Gray
Bethan Gray is a female designer from Wales who has traveled to all continents of the world. Affected by this, Betty Gray is also very passionate about travel, art, and culture. She has also visited many places visited by ancestors. Today, she is committed to protecting traditional culture and engraving crafts with a mission to give modern meaning to the traditional crafts of these regions. As a winner of the “Best British Designer” who has been in the “Elle Decoration” for 20 years, Bethan Gray founded the studio of the same name in 2008 with the private designs are available for sale in high-end department stores, such as are available for sale, Liberty and Harrods.

As a “material master”, Rado not only ensures that the True Thinline rivet limited edition watch has an aesthetically pleasing design but also gives the watch excellent wearing comfort with its superior control of the material. At the same time, this latest masterpiece of Rado True Thinline retains award-winning lightweight, abrasion-resistant and hypoallergenic properties.

Rado True Thinline Rivet Limited Edition Watch Joint Designer – British Designer Bethan Gray

“I really appreciate the strong visual impact of this watch”, Rado Global CEO Matthias Breschan said, “True Thinline rivet limited edition watch is luxurious and dazzling. It is a brand-name product with a brand-like style. Bethan Gray’s use of materials and patterns is highly compatible with Rado True Thinline’s design philosophy”.

Rado True Thinline Rivet black gold imitated watch

This watch combines intricate texture patterns, gold details and slim lines with the essential features of the minimalist style that Rado advocates. The new design style and material elements are expected. Without fear of the baptism of the years, the glory of the wrist shines forever. Although Rado True Thinline rivet limited edition watch is limited to 1,001 pieces, the replica watch can provide you with the same wonderful.