Rado colorful ceramic watch in2019


RADO has the reputation of “Material Master” and always focuses on the research and innovation in the field of high-tech ceramics. In the new series, the brand has devoted the past 30 years of superb watchmaking skills, bringing together nine kinds of bold and vivid, very visual Attractive architectural colours create the new TRUE THINLINE LES COULEURSTM LE CORBUSIER limited edition watch.

“Architectural Polychromy” was published in 1931 and extended in 1959. It’s a tremendous writings of architectural colours leading the trend. It contains 63 architectural colors that can change the space. It can also be applied to people’s psychology, and it will also respond to people’s feelings, thus bringing an extraordinary physical and mental experience. These colors are divided into 9 groups of tones depending on the brightness and tone. Today, these colors are still widely used by architects and designers around the world, demonstrating their pivotal significance and immortality. It also confirms the unparalleled influence of Le Corbusier, a very forward-looking designer.

Bright, rich, harmonious, bold, strong, lively, bright, eye-catching or pure, this is the extraordinary color charm that are featured by these Rado TRUE THINLINE LES COULEURSTM LE CORBUSIER  Limited Edition watches, which are available in limited editions of 999 pieces for each color. The bottom cover of each watch is decorated with a special design that includes these 63 colors. These limited-edition watches are crafted from the brand’s signature all-tech ceramics and a breakthrough one-piece case for durability, wear, lightness and comfort.

As the exclusive watch partner of Les CouleursTM, a Swiss color research institute owned by Le Corbusier Foundation, Swiss Rado makes these architectural colors classically restored between wrists, and is proud to be made of brand-iconic materials i.e.high-tech ceramics.

Rado’s True Thin Series is recognized for its brand-breaking style with its groundbreaking design features, and the birth of this new collection highlights the brand’s superior control over bold, vibrant colors. It is also a tribute to Le Corbusier, who built the modern world we see toady with  rainbow-ish and lively colors.

In addition to the choice of black, white, or gray dress watches, the bold color watch may be more suitable for your spiritual outlook. Rado proved to us that the watch definitely can lead the color trend aesthetics as long as the match is appropriate.