Buying guides of Rado Tradition wristwatches


In recent years, the retro style has prevailed. The reason is that more and more people are beginning to like and appreciate the “old objects” of the past, and think that they can stand the test of time. Among the watches that deserve our exceptional appreciation and recollection, the Tradition Heritage Series Golden Horse Automatic Mechanical Watch from Rado is the best (Model 763.6101.3.110).

The Golden Horse watch, the first prototype of the Rado in 1957, was a major breakthrough for the brand. This is the brand’s first collection of watches under the name Rado, which led to the trend of creating watches as individual style pieces.

Based on the design of the prototype watch, the new watch adds bold and novel elements to make the watch even more eye-catching. The new Rado’s Golden Horse automatic mechanical watch has a larger case size(42mm), a bolder bezel design and a more distinctive crown. The vintage look of the watch is unique, but at the same time remains the unique look and design of the Rado.

The watch has a stainless steel case, not just ceramics. Swiss Rado also has a unique style of the brand in the use of stainless steel. The steel case and dial design follow the classic design of 1957. The two-tone look reflects the retro design and clearly shows the design essence of the Rado. A pair of hippocampus patterns are printed on the dial of each watch, which is the classic symbol of all the “Horse” series of Rado.

At 12 o’clock on the dial, there is a “RADO” and a representative swingable anchor. The gradual effect of the dial gives the two golden hippocampi a unique visual experience. The words “Golden Horse” on the dial have the same font design as the prototype in 1957. The 3-point setting has a date display window to meet people’s daily reading needs.

From the side of the watch, the thickness of the case is not too thick, which makes the wearer feel more comfortable when wearing. In the details of the crystal, the watch uses the sapphire glass to replace the acrylic glass of the prototype.

RADO Tradition Heritage Series Golden Horse Automatic Mechanical Watch 42mm models are available in four colors of dark grey, blue, green and silver. Each comes with a leather strap, three rows or a grainy chain. The steel bracelet is replaced by the wearer. Thanks to modern watchmaking, the wearer can easily replace the bracelet without using any tools.

In terms of watch performance, the premium Swiss C07 ETA automatic mechanical movement provides up to 80 hours of power reserve, enough to meet people’s daily needs.