It is easy to be allergic when the seasons are alternated, so the requirements of material are more stringent when selecting accessories. My friend recommended me to try high-end ceramic accessories. So I found a high-end ceramic watch.

I choose this knock-off watch is not only for the low price and high quality. The design is the key that I like it quite a few. The whole watch is in the black tone, which is gentle and smart. And with the sliver decorations, this imitated Rado watch seems more beautiful.

45 mm diameter case is the normal size for men to wear it. The high-tech ceramics dial is black, too. Though the room is limited, the functions are quite abundant. As it is a chronograph timing, it has three small dials at 2 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 10 o’clock that are more tidy. There is a square date display window between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock is conspicuous.

Except for the bright and practical points mentioned earlier, it has another unique design: mixed markers. Sliver Roman numerals with round diamonds makes the markers circle more luxury and cute. While in my mind, It would be more attractive to use luminous markers instead of the diamond scales that can make the reading more easily and clearly.

This knock-off watch take the tachymeter scale circle as its outer ring, which is useful and modern. The sliver hands in the shape of short sword looks very chic, so as to the hands with the same shape on the three small dials are also popular.

Scale polygon bezel is made of high-tech ceramics. I like this design very much, not only for the shape but also for the material. High-tech ceramic is very hard, however the scales engraved on it need strict manufacturing process. Ans I think it is the key that make me rely on this watch.

The chronograph buttons beside the sliver coin grain crown give a fine appearance for the customers. And it is easy to operate time. I always use this chronograph timepiece when morning running. It offer the good experience for each time. So this watch stays on my wrist almost everyday.

With one piece high-tech ceramic lugs, the watch work well on the body. And the bracelet of this imitated Rado watch in the same material feels well. But the high-tech is a cold for this season, so if people care this, it is better to choose other material timing.

Screw down case back can be fixed with four setscrews on the watch firmly. There are some datum about this watch engraved on the sliver back, which can make person know the property of watch.