As Christmas Day is coming on its way next month, what should we do to celebrate this significant moment. Singing, dancing and gathering are good choose. While the gift from the extraordinary person will be more exciting. But how to choose the right present might be a key of happiness.

I searched on the web for a long time to solve this problem. But find nothing until last night. My mother asked me to choose Christmas gift–a pair of key chains that she chose for my father. En, as long as there is a gift with love, it is a sweet taste. I will show my choice of gifts– Rado True Jubile Date Watch. Through they are knock-off watch, they all has the high-end quality.

These are two different styles of couple watches. The design of the black high-end ceramic couple watch is simple and suitable for those who are elegant. Another diamond two tones Swiss 316L Steel is relatively luxurious. The golden decoration and the embellishment of the diamond make the watch look very embarrassing.

In order to let public know more about the two styles of watches, I will put the two together for comparison, hoping person can choose a suitable watch.

Material aspect
High-end ceramic watches are cool to the touch and are ideal for summer wear, while Swiss steel is more widely worn that can be used all year round. However, I really like the steel one. High-end ceramic has low wear resistance and require careful care. Steel just made up for this shortcoming.

Dial aspect
They are equipped with a round date display window at 6 o’clock. On the dial, in addition to the same color brand logo, there are no other decorations, which looks simple and stylish. The all black high-end ceramic watch uses a baton pointer and it is not equipped with a tick mark. The outermost circle of the dial is decorated with multiple layers of concentric circles, which is very chic. And there are a few iconic scale indicators that can be considered as making up for the regret that the watch has no scale.

Swiss steel watches with diamond scales and slim hands are glamorous. The rose gold outer ring is inlaid with nude diamonds. The rose gold decorative circle is divided into four parts by diamonds, which makes it easier to distinguish time.

Other aspects
The design of bracelet is very distinctive. Ceramic watch is an integrated bracelet. Every link fits very closely and the activities are harmonious. In order to make the watch look more fashionable, the stainless steel watch adds a gold auxiliary device to the silver diamond bracelet. While increasing the range of activities of the watch bracelet, it also enhances the charm of the watch.