The soft silk and chiffon are popular for women. Not only that the discerning man has a soft spot for this texture of fabric. After all, the docile fabric allows the free wind to fill every corner of the body, releasing pressure invisibly. This intoxicating magic is discovered by shrewd watchmakers, then create the smooth silk strap that everyone loves. When the silk watch strap in close contact with the wrist, the feeling of relaxation comes out : the touch of time is the same as the silk.

The overall ceramic watch of brand has been supported by fans, and now the impact of visual and sensory belongs to the replica Rado Esenza Series R53491155 fashion watch has further enhances.

Black case is Swiss 316L Steel. With the oval shape, the case of watch can match any size of wrist. No markers design makes the entire black dial in a very empty style, but this is the design concept of the fashion watch — simple and stylish. The silver dirk shaped pointers have a strong contrast with the dial, making it easy to distinguish time. At the same time, it adds some vitality to the black dial. Of course, it does not have a second hand. As there is no scale, the presence of the second hand is less important. However, I feel that adding a second hand can give the watch a sense of power.

The watch has no lug and the strap is directly integrated into the case. Rests on the buckle, the strap secures watch firmly to wrist. Engraved with the RADO, silver ardillon buckle is also made of Swiss 316L Steel. The experience of black silk strap provided to the wearer is irreplaceable by other material straps. In fact, watch with this strap material was the first contact for me, which is very amazing.

The factors in choosing the silk material to make watch strap
The silk material has a long culture. Originally , it was designed and produced only for the nobility. As the improvement of craft, a large amount of silk materials are flowing into the market, which were quite popular.
As a pure natural textile material, silk owns the most comfortable touch and excellent performance(soft and smooth). In addition, breath-ability, wearing comfort and moisture absorption are unmatched by other materials.
There is not much restriction on the matching of watch. What’s more, the silk strap watch gives the wearer and viewer a deeper emotional experience.

Because it is a fashion watch, so its Quartz (No Chrono) movement saves a lot of trouble to the wearer. As the watch has no crown, it can’t be equipped with a mechanical movement. Therefore, the watch still needs a holistic design, which will present the most perfect product for consumers.