Rado opened a new window for the watchmaking world in high-tech ceramic watches field. And it sets off a high-tech material whirlwind. Whether the design of high-tech ceramic watches, or the internal configuration, as well as the inherent beauty of high-tech ceramics that all of these make Rado watches have been recognized and supported by consumers.

The pure color ceramic decoration adds a touch of sophistication to the shape of the watch. Signature barrel-shaped case of the watch is perfectly integrated with the smooth lines of ceramics. And the one-piece lugs combines with a unique bracelet adding a charming feeling to the entire watch. The whole body is made of high-tech ceramics, which is warm to touch and comfortable to wear, giving the skin the most intimate care.

Choosing this replica ceramic watch is not only because of its low price, but also due to its high quality and strict pursuit of craftsmanship.

The Detail of Replica Radar Timing Ceramic Watch
In general, the design of ceramic watches is relatively simple. After all, the technical requirements for the production of watches are relatively high. In order to occupy the market, brands generally reduce the introduction of complex processes appropriately, and only attract consumers based on the appearance of ceramics. Although the appearance is the pattern inherent in ordinary ceramic watches, the delicate and compact dial will fully attract people’s attention.

In order to make the timing function easy to use, this replica watch has three small dials. Previous small dials have a circular outer structure, and this replica watch introduces a square dial. Moreover, the shape of the time scale and date display window is also a square design. With a sword-shaped pointer, the entire dial is a collection of square structures. So as to alleviate the toughness of the square design, the hour and minute rings of watch are displayed with the round button on the outer ring. This combination of square and round makes the dial even more delicate.

Luminous coating decoration makes it easy to master time even in the dark. The Sapphire Crystal mirror converts light very well, making time reading easier and more convenient.

This engraved watch is still fitted with a traditional round crown, but the chronograph button adds an innovative element. Irregular shape, like the protective lock, is distributed on both sides of the crown. This is also one of the more attractive features of replica watch.

Although it has screw down back, two sides are treated by the pressing technology making case does not look too thick. If the watch has a problem and needs to be repaired, this back can be easily opened.
Although the ceramic strap wears the Deployment buckle that is not new, it is convenient for daily use.